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Connectiing to the Forest Loving Community

There are 100’s of organizations that collectively add up to tens of thousands of individuals who work, play or live in the Forest. The common thread that binds all of these individuals is their love of the Forest. 

Closer Look at How we plan to reach the audience:

Co-Operative Marketing: A great show takes a team.

  • We work with all organizations and exhibitors to ensure that their membership, customers are made aware that they are exhibiting.
  • We will be partnering with key Media Groups that share our vision in producing an engaging event. 
  • We extend fully all of our digital pages to all channels. 
Digital Marketing: Using communication built for Today.

We will be making a significant investment in our Social Media Strategy, and plans are to target the platforms where your customers are located namely ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and regional digital networlks).

Paid digital marketing

  • Pay Per Click targeted keywords
  • Social Media paid marketing.
  • SEO and content marketing.
  • Remarketing on specific networks.
  • Text, Email platforms

Traditional and Local Marketing: 

  • We will be promoting our event at regional sportsman shows and a number of events that represent the communities  within the immediate area.
  • In the weeks leading up to the event flyers (condensed showguide) will be distributed to targeted geographic areas.
  • Selected businesses will be added as distribution centers making it easier for attendees to get tickets. These businesses will be participating as affiliates.
  • Special relationships will be developed with traditional media.
  • Leading up to the event we will be promoting the event over Radio, TV, Local Newspapers, Billboard. Syndicated press Releases for distribution over our media partners, Provincial newsletters and New Age Media.


Size of the Audience

From the Business Community

  • Over 20,000 businesses employing over 100,000 people are connected to the Forest in Ontario.
  • Over 5,000 people are connected to the forest industry within 200 km radius of Renfrew.
  • Outdoor Recreation in Canada is growing, adding tens of thousands of jobs over the last 3 years.
  • Pan Pacific Trade Agreement opens new opportunities for international businesses.


From the Consumer Market

  • 40% of Canadian residents participate in some type of outdoor recreation activity each year.
  • 40% of outdoor participants are from households with incomes of $75,000 or more.
  • A connection to the forest is growing.  (Over 50 million people make trail running the #1 outdoor activity)


Tradeshows are built for commerce

Amazing things happen to businesses when they introduce themselves to new opportunities, people and markets. Synergy has purpose and the imposed time limit of the event pushes us to achieve measurable results that would normally not take place. Trade shows offer a captive, interested audience of like-minded prospects and current customers right at your fingertips, and an efficient way to get more out of your marketing dollars.

5 More Reasons why you need to Exhibit:

1. Connect with potential customers: The trade show floor is an empowering platform for the attendee, they have done their research and will search out companies that they choose to speak with. We encourage this relationship process to begin right away, built into our show web platforms is the ability for the attendee , ask a question, save a company as a favourite, follow your company, share content to their peers and attend any networking or product feature presentations. Why wait to develop a relationship?

2. Build a marketing list: Bar scanners or attendee lists allow you to capture email lists, names and company names. that either come to the show or pop into your booth. Their attendance to an event where you were an exhibitor is a starting point in developing future business business.

3. Product demonstration: Forest loving enthusiasts will come and experience first hand the best and the latest in products/services. This represents the perfect opportunity to let your customers literally touch, feel, and see how your product or service can meet their needs.

4. Buying power: In a report published by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 4 out of 5 delegates attending the expo are there to source products and or services for their organization.

5. Great Public Relations: Show your customers, distributors that your company is a leader in the markets they serve. Your involvement will allow your company to showcase any features that can separate yourself from your competitors, and more importantly that you are there and want their business. Take advantage of the buzz that will be created by the event, feed the frenzy by posting ongoing tweets, and posts that engage your social fans. Cultivate the relationship online and use the event to meet offline.

BONUS 6th Reason For a limited time we are offering substantial discounts and special incentives as early bird specials.

Work - Play - Live in the Forest

Family Fun

If you Work - Play - Live in the forest, Forest Life Expo will be 3 days of excitement.


Outdoor Recreation

Whether you hunt, fish, hike or travel the roads and rivers of Canada's forests you will find something at Forest Life Expo.


Wood Artisans

Check out the artists who will be working on their pieces right in front of you.. You will be amazed with the skill as person handles a chainsaw and expertly carves into a pine log.


Logging and Milling

This is a large category covering everything from the tree to Harvesting - Loading - Transportation, including; Harvesting systems (feller bunchers, delimbers. processors, skidders, forwarders) Access Road Construction Equippment. Portable Bridgers, Culverts, Commercial Thinning, Slashers, Chippers, Debarkers. Log Loaders, Planting and Stand Tending equipment, Trailers, Chip Vans, Trucks, self-Loading Trailers & attachments, Grapples, Remote Slings, GIS/GPS systems, Safety & Fire Protection. Tores, Chains, Oils, Lubricant


Rural Businesses

This is a wide ranging category covering everything needed to live in a rural area. Essential rural services and products or just ways to make rurl life more enjoyable and easier. We will be featuriing a number of unique businesses that have turned their passion into a life long income.


Off Grid Living

Going off-grid is more than a saying its a way of life. Forest Life Expo is all about living, playing and working in the forest, we will have exhibitions covering the following: Solar/Wind, Power, Satellite, Composting/Septic, Outdoor Furnaces, Geothermal, Water Solutions,


Value -Added

Their is a reason why loggers cut the trees, from a renewable resource there is produced value-added wood products from flooring, furniture, cabinetry. We will be promoting smaller manufactures to come and bring their products and develop relations with the end user.


Woodlots & NTFP

All Ontarians will recognize the importance of maintaining healthy and productive forests on private lands. Woodlot owners will be acknowledged and supported in their role as the caretakers of this valuable resource and natural heritage.


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