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Show Overview

Sawtech Log Expo is evolving, we have expanded the theme of the event to include more activities related to the forest. Such as Outdoor Recreation, Off-Grid living, Wood Artisans, Value-Added Manufacturers, Non-Timber Forest Products, Creative Rural businesses, Logging/Milling, Woodlot Management,and Family Fun. The Forest Life Expo showcases businesses who are connected to the forest where we Work-Play-Live.  
This event is all about the experiences that enrich our lives, the Expo will offer a smorgasbord of experience related exhibits that will fill the appetite of any Forest Loving enthusiast. Attendees will connect to their passions by viewing and seeing the latest products and services. The hands on environment will prompt engagement with the communities experts and promote confidence amongst the enthusiasts who wish to pursue their personal forest loving activity. 
Who will be Exhibiting:
The show will feature 250 displays, both indoor as well as outdoor. Exhibitors will represent 8 categories that reflect Working-Playing-Living in the Forest. A common thread that will be shared amongst all of our exhibitors will be a passion for the markets that they serve. Exhibitors will showcase their products/services because they want to connect with their customers, expand their market reach, develop new partners/distributors and be connected with an event that can impact public perception. Exhibitors will take the opportunity to unveil new  innovative products from an audience that is passionate about their business. And for some Exhibitors it’s all about reconnecting with their most loyal partners, members and customers. 
Who will plan to Attend the Show:
Businesses and individuals who are connected to any of our 8 categories (Logging/Milling, Outdoor Recreation, Woodlots, Off-Grid Living, Rural Businesses, Family Fun, and Artisans) will come to the show to learn, see and establish relationships with the latest and best producers of the products and services. Within a 3 hour radius of the event over 3 million people live of which 30% are connected to 1 of 8 categories of Forest Life Expo. That is almost 1 million people who are passionate about Work-Play-Live in the Forest.
Renfrew, Ontario will be the center of the Forest loving community  
Join Us this June 14,15,16/2019

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