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Working Together to Produce an Awesome Event
We recognize the importance that associations and governing bodies will have in the success of Forest LIfe Expo and are committed to seeking your direct involvement. We are establishing unique partnering relationships that would allow organizations the opportunity to participate directly. It is the goal of the event to Take Engagement to the Highest Levels by doing, trying and learning.  To achieve this level of engagement will require experts from the associations/community. Working together we will be able to produce an event that will be ENTERTAINING, ENGAGING and EDUCATIONAL for everyone. We have begun reaching out to a number of groups and will be adding a list of participatants in the coming days. We look forward to discussing the opportunities that Forest Life Expo will present your organization.
Here are some benefits of participation:  
• Sign up new members
• Educate the public/manufacturers/distributors about issues important to your members
• Present information sessions and/or demonstrations
• Host a course leading to certification or licensing.
• Network with your members in a central location for a meeting
• Affiliate ticket sale income for your organization
• Host a competition in your discipline (entry $$)
If you are interested in learning how your participation can benefit your group please call toll free 866.754.9334 and a representative from Show Management will be happy to discuss it with you.

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