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Forest Tour

2019.06.15    12.00 AM - 12.00 AM 2019.06.15    12.00 AM - 12.00 AM

The Ma-Te-Way forest Ma-Te-Way-Forest

Learn about the forest and how landowners can be effective stewards of their forests. The walks are suitable for all ages with a basic fitness level.

The Renfrew County chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association is pleased to offer guided tours of the woodlands at the Mateway Park site. These tours will emphasize the principles of sustainable forestry. Tour Guides will be experienced foresters and will include Lacey Rose, Forester for the County of Renfrew, Katalijn.Macafee, Forester, Al Stinson, Forester, and Tom Richardson Forester.

Scheduled Times: Admission is Free
Friday starting at 2PM & 5PM
Saturday starting at 1PM & 4PM
Sunday starting at 12PM


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