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Sean Uherek Carving
Silvana Import Trading Inc O-17, 38 (Outdoor)

Working for your future

Silvana Import Trading Inc is a family-run business, active in the Canadian Silviculture sector since the mid eighties. We believe a long term perspective is a must to be successful in the forest industry and are committed to aiding the sustainable growth and responsible management of our forest resources.

Our business is to help ensure sure that future generations of Canadians have access to well grown and intelligently managed forests—as a source of raw material and employment, as well as to meet environmental and recreational needs.

SMG Champion Portable Sawmill Ltd. O-47, 48 (Outdoor)

The Gilbert portable sawmills offers an exceptional output and an unequaled autonomy: an unbeatable quality/cost ratio. We manufacture equipment that combines performance, security and pleasure.

Specialty Watercraft by Al Ridgway A4-04, 05, 06 (Arena)
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